Wuhan, with a population of over ten million, is located in Central China.

Wuhan boasts a number of stunning mountains and grand water sources. Of the 166 lakes, the East Lake is recognized as the largest urban lake in Asia.

“The First Bridge of the Yangtze River”,“Automobile Capital of China”, “Optics Valley of China” ---- the essence of modern industry is gathered here. Also, the national strategy of creating the National Central City and the Yangtze River Economic Belt is constantly increasing Wuhan’s global impact.    

It’s no wonder that the famous American magazine “Foreign Policy” had Wuhan ranked 11th on par with Tokyo and Lost Angeles, which were ranked 10th and 12th respectively, on a list of “the Most Dynamic Cities of 2025”.

In Wuhan,the center of China,there is a world-renowned hospital, which is Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University (RHWU), also known as Hubei General Hospital.

In 1923, Chen Yucang, with the German Doctor degrees of Medicine and Pathology, established the Training Hospital of Hubei Medical University inWuchang, which was the very beginning of RHWU. It was also one of the first government-run public hospitals and medical schools in China.

When RHWU was founded, it had built a deep bond with Wuhan University, which wasa world famousuniversityand one of the finest universities in China. In November 1926, RHWU was merged into WuchangZhongshan University (known as Wuhan University now).InAugust 2000, the hospital was officially renamed as “Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University”.

For nearly one hundred years, RHWU has always been insistingon the core values of “All for People’s Health”, devoutly preserving the purity of medicine and the dignity of lifeand striving to build a world-class hospital.

RHWU has several campuses like Shouyi, Optics Valley and Hongshan. In 2019, the outpatient volume of the hospital is 5.39 million, ranking the8th in China. The hospital has more than 5,200 open beds, ranking the9th in China. The hospital has been selected into the "National Project of Improving Diagnosis and Treatment Ability of Complicated Diseases", and has entered the medical "National Team".In the comprehensive ranking of influence of Chinese hospitals, its highest ranking is the 11th.The excellent level of diagnosis and treatment, represented by 10 national key disciplines and national key clinical specialties, has created many world and Asian records in the history of medicine.

RHWUwas authorized to set up first-level discipline doctoral degrees and post-doctoral research station in clinical medicine. Every year, more than 1,000 doctoral and master's students, 800 medical college students and more than 2,000 specialized doctors start from here to the whole country and all around the world.

The hospital has established a large number of top clinical research institutions represented by the Center for Translational Medicine, the Center for Molecular Imaging, and the Center for Ultra Mechanical Pathology. Many original scientific and technological papers have been published in the world's top journals such as Lancet, Nature, Science, Circulation, and PNAS(Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America). Its cardiovascular internal medicine ranked the4th in terms of the activity of discipline among thehospitals all over the world. Its number of statistical source papersranked the4th, scientific and technological output ranked the3rd and4main disciplines ranked top 10 in China

In the past ten years, the hospital has won more than 200 scientific and technological achievements awards, including the second prize of national technological inventionawardsand the second prize of national scientific and technological progressawards.It was approvedthe national key research and development project and the hospital's major original scientific research achievements. It was presented in the National Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition and accepted the review of the Party and state leaders.

In the fight against COVID-19 in 2020, the hospital has devoted all its effortswith 4,000 beds and more than 5,000 medical staff,beenresponsible for 10 fronts of anti-epidemic work and treated 5,510 COVID-19 patientswhichmadea historic contribution to the world's fight against COVID-19.

Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University, a hospital of one hundred years of glory,made its vow"We will do our best to repay the trust of every single life and we will be a practitioner and leader of healthy China, a creator and guardian of the people's better life.” Thismedical giant issweeping the Yangtze River, sailing the sea, striving for the world-class hospital,stridingtowards the second centenary goal in this new century.(07/2021)

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