Wuhan, with a population of over ten million, is located in Central China.

In the central China city of Wuhan, there is a world-renowned hospital, which is Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University (RHWU), also known as Hubei General Hospital.

In 1923, Chen Yucang, with the German Doctor degrees of Medicine and Pathology, established the Training Hospital of Hubei Medical University in Wuchang, which was the very beginning of RHWU. It was also one of the first government-run public hospitals and medical schools in China. When RHWU was founded, it had built a deep bond with Wuhan University, which was among the world’s top 200 universities and one of the finest universities in China. In November 1926, RHWU was merged into Wuchang Zhongshan University (known as Wuhan University now). Until August 2000, the hospital was officially renamed as “Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University”, as know as “Hubei General Hospital”.

For nearly one hundred years, RHWU has always been insisted on the core values of “Science, Amicability, Conscience” and “All for patients, For patients’ all, For all patients”, devoutly preserving the purity of medicine and the dignity of life.

RHWU is the guardian of lives. With a high standard of diagnosis and treatment represented by 10 national key disciplines and national clinical key specialties, many world records, Asian records and national records were created in the history of medicine.

RHWU is the cradle of masters of medicine. A lot of medicine experts who are famous both in China and abroad have arisen from RHWU, such as Chen Yucang, Zhu Yubi, Yao Zhen, Li Gengshan, Tian Xiaokun, Huang Congxin and Long Daochou.

RHWU is the fertile ground to cultivate medical talents. It was authorized to set up first-level discipline doctoral degrees and post-doctoral research station in clinical medicine. Every year there are over 100 doctoral candidates, 200 postgraduate students, 300 medical students and more than 500 specialist physicians starting from RHWU and entering the stage of China and the world.

RHWU is also the creator and transmitter of high and new technologies. Over the last decade, RHWU has won more than 200 scientific and technological awards, including the Second Prize of National Technological Invention Award, three Second Prizes of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award and the Third Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award. The publication of scientific articles in number is ranked the 11th among nationwide medical organizations. The number of the articles published in the world's most respected scientific journals, such as NATURE and PNAS, was ranked at the top position among nationwide medical organizations in 2012.

The east campus is located in “Wuhan – the Optics Valley of China”, constructed according to international first-class standards, offering 2,300 hospital-beds, and was put in use in August 2013.

The main hospital of RHWU in Ziyang and the east campus in the “Wuhan Optical Valley” represent a bright prospect for the development of “one body with two wings” of RHWU, which is thrilling, imaginative and encouraging.

An one-hundred-year-old hospital in a new century, this medical ship of RHWU is setting sail for a long journey. It follows the guidance of the compass of “Science, Amicability, Conscience” and “All for patients, For patients’ all, For all patients”, surging waves from the Dusi Lake and the landscape river, forming stormy billows, and further flowing into the Yangtze River, the ocean and towards the top!

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