Translational Medicine Centre

Central Laboratory

At RHWU, there are well-equipped laboratories, research bases, medical centers, and research institutes, namely the national key laboratory on clinical virology, key laboratory on cardiac arrhythmias authorized by the Ministry of Health, and the provincial key laboratories on cardiovasology, gastroenterology in Hubei, national grade-III laboratory on traditional Chinese medicine, cardiac electrophysiology, and digestive pathphysiology; State base for drug clinical trial, the training bases on cardiovasology intervention therapy and peritoneal dialysis authorized by the Ministry of Health; The provincial medical centers on cardiovasology and eye diseases, the provincial quality control centers on cardiovasology intervention therapy, nephrology therapy, endoscopy therapy for digestive diseases, ultrasound therapy, and psychosis therapy, The model animal research center offers a full-functional facility to study human diseases in molecular and cellular level; The provincial institutes of neurology, psychiatry, and pediatrics authorized by Hubei province government, the institutes of cardiovascular diseases, gastroenterology, hepatology, urology, eye diseases, and otorhinolaryngology-head-neck surgery authorized by Wuhan university.

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