RenMin Hospital of Wuhan University Emergency Center

Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University in August 1982 in the province established the first emergency department. Sections of existing staff of 53 people, including nine senior experts, emergency physician who has a doctorate in 5, 7 master's degree, PhD 5 people, three of whom were as emergency medicine branch of the Chinese Medical Association members, Hubei deputy director of the provincial Emergency Medical Committee, Standing Committee, Youth Committee; deputy director of Wuhan emergency medicine committee, members and other duties.

Departments with advanced rescue, monitoring equipment, such as ventilators, ECG, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, a central monitoring system. Currently internal medicine, surgery, neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, dentistry, dermatology, psychiatric emergency clinic and two fully equipped emergency room, ICU, observation ward, the infusion room and Specialist Clinic; implement Division treatment, centralized rescue, focused observation, emergency intensive care operating mode, 24 hours to provide high quality emergency medical services for patients and patients with various types of acute injury accident critically ill. Departments have their own independent emergency response system and supporting system, emergency system rational structure, complete functions, always in a state of readiness and have a reasonable standard operating practices, advanced first aid equipment, equipment, complete medicines. Early emergency department introduced the intensive care unit (ICU), patients admitted to poisoning case after resuscitation syndrome, significantly reduces mortality in critically ill.

By severity of illness by Triage triage system were observed entering the emergency room when the patient visits, emergency room, intensive care unit and other different aid areas. Once the critically ill patient enters the medical staff immediately put in place, unity of command, the rescue group were transferred to different areas in stable condition. Meanwhile, in order to shorten the maximum time a patient visits, emergency department opened a green channel aid to ensure that the rescue of critically ill patients timeliness and integrity. All kinds of emergency rescue department annually, more than 4,000 cases of critically ill patients, the survival rate remained at 95%, a hospital emergency-weather platform.

Departments with pre-hospital emergency center, equipped with a variety of rescue equipment and communications equipment ambulance, so that pre-hospital care, emergency department and hospital intensive care integrated to form a more complete hospital emergency medical service system. The "cardiopulmonary resuscitation" and "treatment of acute poisoning" has become characteristic, emergency medical services in the province's advanced level. Emergency department for outstanding quality of medical service and solid emergency medical technology, by the community and the vast majority of patients at home. The department for 15 consecutive years been rated as advanced collective, and was "women model civilization Kong", "Hubei Labor Award" the glorious title.

Upon completion of medical tasks at the same department undertake Wuhan University School of Medicine and other medical students in emergency medicine teaching tasks, also responsible for tasks related to emergency medicine teaching hospital, including scholars, doctors and hospital doctors in emergency teaching and Foreign Emergency Medicine Continuing Education courses, such as Wuhan University School of Public elective "emergency medicine", for non-emergency awareness training medical students and primary first aid skills training. Departments now a national research projects, a number of provincial and municipal research projects have been published in the international authoritative journal articles.

Professional Features:

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, acute poisoning, the system of critically ill and multiple organ failure and other acute treatment of critically ill patients. There are nearly one hundred papers were published in SCI, Chinese Series Journal and other national professional journal. Editor and editor of multiple books, the primary translation of "emergency treatment procedures illustrated" published in January 2011, and also assumed the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Hubei Province Natural Science Foundation of several research projects.

Emergency telephone:

+86-27-88041911-85542 (emergency room)
+86-27-88041911-85542 (Observation room)
+86-27-88041911-85542 (Liquid chamber)
+86-27-88041911-85542 (Director of Office)

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